Ecofuels Australia (Ecofuels) is focused on providing rural and regionally based solutions to a range of energy supply and waste management problems.

The company brings together expertise in intensive livestock management, broad scale cropping, waste recycling, major construction, digester technology and biofuel production to provide a new integrated approach to the management of waste and energy issues.

Particularly, Ecofuels looks to maximise returns by developing closed loop systems that generate both the initial raw materials inputs and the value added final products, while capturing and using any waste streams generated along the way.

Ecofuels is, with assistance from the Victorian State Government, investing significant resources in the development of a new biodiesel project. When fully operational, later in 2013, this project will be a commercial demonstration of the value of integrated systems, not just as profit drivers, but also as a way to create environmentally sustainable, long term rural employment.

Ecofuels is structured into three divisions, Biofuels, Livestock and Digesters.

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