The key project currently for the biofuel section of Ecofuels is the MP Biodiesel Project (MPBP), based on the Madowla Park Property in North Central Victoria.

The MPBP is using canola grown on the property to generate canola oil and canola meal. The oil will be further processed to produce biodiesel, while the meal will be used as the base for a range of pelletised stock feeds.

Waste streams from the various operations will be broken down in a digester to produce electrical power to both run the operation and for sale back to the grid.

Initial fuel production will be approximately 1,000,000 lt/annum and this will increase to 2,000,000 lt/annum when the plant is at full capacity.

Fuel produced will comply with the Australian standard and be suitable for blending with petroleum based diesel products.

Stock feed from the project will be used in the operations of the cattle division of Ecofuels and for sale into the local area.

A range of alternate oil seeds are being trialled to assess their suitability for use in the system, while further expansion will be achieved through the involvement of neighbouring properties as contract growers or fuel users.

The project looks to minimise raw material transport costs by keeping the operation to an appropriate scale wherein a small, localised cluster of properties can supply all the project needs.

Additional trials are being conducted into the use of straight vegetable oil in a number of the company’s vehicles and this may provide another low impact fuel for local users.

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